Presentation of the State Prize for Digitalisation


The State Prize for Digitalisation, which has been awarded annually since 2019, was presented in 6 categories at the 4GAMECHANGERS Festival in Vienna’s Marx-Halle in May 2024. The award was presented by the responsible State Secretary Claudia Plakolm. ‘The State Prize for Digitalisation shows that Austria is a strong location for digital innovation. We must continue to develop our quality in a targeted manner and, above all, further strengthen the digital competences in our country,’ Plakolm stated.

As the category sponsor for the ‘Health, Nutrition and Fitness (e-Health)’ category, Christian Jäger read out the jury’s statement and, together with the State Secretary, presented the State Prize for Digitalisation 2023 to the Upper Austrian branch of the Austrian Red Cross with the project ‘My blood: The digitalisation of blood donation in Upper Austria – from health questionnaire to findings’.

We offer our warmest congratulations.

Übergabe des Staatspreises für Digitalisierung 2024 ©4GAMECHANGERS
Presentation of the State Prize for Digitalisation ©4GAMECHANGERS