Primarily, investments are made in companies dedicated to the long-term improvement of quality of life. Health maintenance and prevention, fitness, and lifestyle optimization are among the favored sectors.

We are always interested in significant investments. Requirements include active participation in the core business and at least a co-managing role.

Corporate Investments

EasyMotionSkin Tec AG

Dubbed the “smallest gym in the world,” EasyMotionSkin offers an advanced EMS training system used in both B2B and B2C sectors.

  • 2017: Startup achieves market readiness
  • 2021: IPO of EasyMotionSkin Tec AG
  • 2021: Participation in ESA’s “Cosmic Kiss” space mission. Astronaut Matthias Maurer uses EasyMotionSkin on the ISS to combat muscle atrophy and bone loss.
  • 2024: EasyMotionSkin becomes part of the AMADEE-24 MARS MISSION

Encompassing strong brands like milon or FIVE, milongroup excels in the B2B sector as a specialist for high-quality, highly digitalized fitness equipment. Its market share in the target D-A-CH region segment is approximately 47%.

  • 2023: Acquisition of milongroup
  • 2024: milon becomes part of the AMADEE-24 MARS MISSION


PINPODS® offers an innovative, versatile, multicolor smartphone gadget in a unique product design.

  • 22023: Company establishment
  • 2024: Market entry

Cannabis Legalization in Germany

In partnership with leading figures from the medicinal cannabis sector in Europe and seasoned experts from the USA, efforts are underway to develop infrastructure for the forthcoming establishment of cannabis clubs within Germany’s urban centers.


Quanta provides cutting-edge hemodialysis systems for home and clinical use, significantly improving the quality of life for patients and their families.

Nano-Venture GmbH

This company specializes in exclusive jewelry made from gold or platinum, optionally adorned with diamonds. Its unique selling proposition is the integration of the entire Quran, written using cutting-edge nanotechnology on a surface as small as a fingernail and readable with a magnifying glass. The creations represent a symbiosis of faith, science, and beauty.

Further corporate investments