Without Health, There is No Mobility

Unternehmer Christian Jäger mit Senator Ankes Tjarks © Marcus Krüger

EasyMotionSkin Tec AG looks beyond the Fitness Industry and Showcases its Forward-Thinking Approach at HEY! Mobility in Hamburg

Mobility is one of the mega-trends of the future, encompassing every form of movement activity and especially the people who move and are moved. Ideally, these individuals are in excellent health, in great, pain-free physical condition, and able to fully experience their mobility as personal freedom and creativity. People who can move, in the sense of connecting with others, can participate in life, shape it, realize themselves, and contribute, whether in the family, society, an NGO, sports clubs, or other organizations.

“The mobility of the future is based on personal health in all dimensions and on the premise that everyone can fully participate in our society. Personal health is thus an integral part of the future mobility concept and, at the societal level, one of the greatest challenges of all,” explains EasyMotionSkin Business Developer and Sports Economist Rainer Beck in his speech at the Hey! Mobility Congress in June 2024 at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.

Christian Jäger, multi-entrepreneur and major shareholder of EasyMotionSkin Tec AG, also emphasizes the importance of presenting in seemingly atypical industries like Hey! Mobility: “Health as personal mobility will become a central life task for people. EasyMotionSkin Tec AG, with its established fitness brands EasyMotionSkin, milon, and FIVE, offers innovative training systems and supports people worldwide in leading a healthier, fitter life. We particularly aim to engage those 80 percent of people who are not yet sufficiently concerned with their health and fitness today – and therefore consciously look beyond our own industry and move specifically outside of it.”

Jopo Pötschger und Rainer Beck © EasyMotionSkin
Jopo Pötschger and Rainer Beck © EasyMotionSkin


Vortrag Rainer Beck © EasyMotionSkin
Lecture by Rainer Beck © EasyMotionSkin


Additional Information:

The highly effective EasyMotionSkin technology offers training experiences and health results and is available 24/7 in a mobile and dynamic world based on the principle of a complete care and health system – anyone, anything, anytime, and anywhere.

Through digitalization and the development of product innovations, EasyMotionSkin bridges the gap from being an innovative fitness system manufacturer to a future-oriented tech company in the international health and lifestyle industry – with the vision of enabling people worldwide to lead a healthy, fit, and mobile life today and in the future.


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1: Entrepreneur Christian Jäger with Senator Ankes Tjarks © Marcus Krüger
2: Jopo Pötschger and Rainer Beck © EasyMotionSkin
3: Lecture by Rainer Beck © EasyMotionSkin